DIGITALITIS - Travels With Pixels DIGITALITIS - Travels With Pixels
Faces in the Sand - Western Desert encounters. Faces met while traveling trough the Sahara in Libya, Egypt, and a bit of Sudan. >>

Garifuna coast full of colors - Photographs taken along the Eastern coast of Central America. Rebel ex-slaves, Indians, conquistadors, volcanoes and turquoise waters. >>

What's cooking? - New section. Here you can find very fresh photographs straight from my camera. Unprocessed, not preselected, and with rough edges. Most of them will not make it to the main gallery. By taking a peek here you can be up to date with my current projects. >>

Sahara aerials - Unusual perspective. Aerial shots of Gilf Kebir's red Wadi Hamra and dunes of Great Sand Sea. >>

DIGITALITIS is born. I am starting with a big treat - shots from 2003 trip across Libyan part of Western Desert. Libya occupies a special place on my personal map. It was the very first African country I had traveled trough. Since then I always wanted to return there and go as deep into Sahara as possible. And there I went: Waw Al Namus, Kufra, Jebel Arkenu, Jebel Uweinat, and more. Enjoy. >>

Sand dunes south of Al Kufra oasis